QMAM lobbys mining bill

Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi QMAM says is expected to continue lobbing and advocating for the enactment of the 2015 mining and minerals draft bill.

Biswasi Ishmael programs officer for governance and human rights for QMAM said this following report that the bill is missing on the list of the bills to be tabled in the current parliamentary sitting which is underway in Lilongwe.

Ishmael said “the bill is very crucial as it improves the well fair of poor people.”

In December, Last year chief mining officer in the department of mines and keshiance Chiwambo told Radio Islam that the ministry has done everything in advocating the bill.

He said what was remaining was the input and final comment from Attorney and Solicitor general for the bill to be taken to parliament.

Chiwambo further said “come March 2018 the country will have a new law of mining and minerals which would promote the well fair of communities.”

But when asked why the bill is not on the list of bills to be tabled in the current sitting, Chiwambo referred our reporter to the ministry’s principal Secretary who was not answering his calls.

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