Quran House Rescue Deadline extended

The deadline to rescue Quran House which belongs to Muslim Association of Malawi MAM in Blantyre ,has been extended.

Initially, MAM was supposed to pay back the money in two weeks time which ended on last Saturday.

Speaking to radio Islam at the fundraising ceremony organized by Tipulumutse Quran House Fundraising committee on Saturday in Blantyre, National coordinator Sheikh Omar Nkachelenga informed Muslims that there is still more time to pay back the money.

Sheikh Nkachelega said MAM through its lawyers had negotiated the time-frame to pay the money therefore Muslims should not panic.

On this note he appealed to all Muslims to contribute to the noble course adding every tambala will make a very significant difference to the amount of money required.

“I commended different stakeholders and individuals who are contributing their money and efforts towards Tipulumutse Quran House initiative,” The national coordinator said

Money amounting to over one hundred thousand was realized during the initiative.

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