Rabies Vaccination in Malawi surpasses WHO target

This year’s rabies vaccination in Zomba has gone beyond World Health Organisation WHO’s annual vaccination target of vaccinating 70% of dog population.

Mission rabies project coordinator for Zomba, Paul Grossman disclosed the success when mission rabies finalized its rabies vaccination campaign in Zomba.

“The success to adequate awareness campaigns and the partnership they established with Telkom Networks Malawi (TNM) which was sending free SMS to customers, alerting them on when and where to vaccinate their dogs,” Grossman attributed

In her remarks Zomba district animal health and livestock management officer Gloria Nkamanga has hailed Mission Rabies for its efforts in administering rabies vaccination campaigns for 3 years in the district.

Nkamanga said government alone cannot do everything in livestock management therefore it depends on partners to complement its efforts.

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