Radio Islam to plant 600 trees at Gada farm

Radio Islam to plant 600 trees at Gada farm

In a bid to compliment government efforts of conserving the environment, Radio Islam is expected to plant 600 trees at Gada Farm in Blantyre.

Speaking in an interview, chairperson of the organizing committee Time Jimmy said they thought it wise as a radio to take part in this year’s tree planting exercise in order to be exemplary as it educates the nation on the importance of environmental conservation.

When asked how they plan to take care of the trees to make sure that all survive, Jimmy said they have invited people around the area hence instilling the sense of ownership of the trees and responsibility to take care of them.

“We will also be visiting the area to check the growth of the trees,” said Jimmy

Therefore he asked people to come out in large numbers in order to conserve the environment thereby fighting effects of climate change.

The trees which will be planted is a donation from Islamic Relief Malawi.

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