Social Islamic Affairs donates food items to Muslim juveniles

Faith groups have been asked to support juvenile inmates at Kachere juvenile centre in Lilongwe.

Station Officer for the prison Alpheous Chirwa made the remarks when social Islamic Affairs SIAF donated food items to Muslims who are fasting at the prison.

“Malawians must know that prisons offer rationed food to inmates at stipulated times and it’s a challenge for fasting inmates.Therefore the food items that are donated are crucial in supplementing whatever is offered in prison hence the need for faith groups to assist,” explained Chirwa.

In his remarks, secretary for Social Islamic Affairs SIAF Saidi yusuf told radio Islam that they decided to donate rice, sugar and salt to inmates at Kachere juvenile centre and students at Lilongwe girls’ secondary school after noting various challenges these groups face to get food for breaking their fast.

There are 177 inmates at the prison and 85 Muslim inmates are fasting.

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