Soldiers clean a city

Malawi defense force soldiers of Changalume barracks in conjunction with Zomba city council have cleaned the streets in the city.

Speaking after the exercise, the commanding officer for Changalume barracks, Lieutenant Connel
Rodrick Mbalakumwendo, said they thought of cleaning the city after considering that they are the citizens of Zomba city.

He added that the exercise is crucial in keeping the city clean, bearing in mind the recent cholera outbreak in some parts of the country.

“It is also one of the preparatory activities of the “freedom march” which has been organised there to celebrate the liberty which the barracks was granted by the city council on 9th March last year,” explained Lieutenant Connel Rodrick Mbalakumwendo

On her part Zomba city mayor, Councilor Meliya Douglas said the joint sweeping exercise symbolises the cordial relationship between the city and Changalume barracks.

Councilor Douglas said “it is our wish to have such exercises regularly so that it portrays a good example to those who sell their merchandise in the city.”

Apart from the sweeping exercise, the MDF soldiers and city officials donated blood.

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