Students give Malawi President week to reopen college

Students give Malawi President week to reopen college

Chancellor College Students have held mass demonstrations in three cities following the closure of the college for about six weeks.

President of Chancellor College Students Union Sylvester James Ayuba says the demonstrations have taken place in Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

“The demonstrations in Blantyre were cancelled due to some issues the students union was supposed to sort out with authorities in the city,”disclosed Ayuba.

He said in Lilongwe the march began from Area 18 roundabout to Civic Offices where presentation of the petition took place.

“There was a slight change of the program in the capital city due to failure to get in touch with authorities at Parliament where they were supposed to present a petition,” said Ayuba

He added in Zomba the students marched from Chanco campus to Zomba district council via University’s offices and in Mzuzu the march began at Katoto Secondary School to Mzuzu Civic Offices.

Theme for the demonstrations is “Open Chanco Now”.

Chancellor College failed to reopen on 20th March after lecturers put down their tools to force the council increase their salaries.

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