Thyolo-Mulanje declared a country

Thyolo-Mulanje declared a country

Law expert has expressed his reservation on the way Malawians are exaggerating the matter regarding Vincent Wandale.

Wandale through his Peoples Land Organization has declared the districts of Mulanje and Thyolo as sovereign country.

Commenting on the matter Chancellor College Law Lecturer, Associate Prof Edge Kanyongolo, said people should not take the issue seriously as it could escalate through exaggeration.

“I believe that the matter cannot go out of hand as law enforcers are doing enough to contain the situation,” said Associate prof Kanyongolo.

However, Kanyongolo congratulated Wandale for raising pertinent issues on land belonging to people of Thyolo and Mulanje.

Meanwhile, police in Lilongwe have arrested Wandale and charged with case of spreading false rumours.

Police stops the swearing in of Thyolo-Mulanje government at MUST in Thyolo.

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