UNICEF disappointed with deficiency of child information on registration forms

UNICEF disappointed with deficiency of child information on registration forms

UNICEF has expressed worry over deficiency of information on children in national registration forms.

The concern has come after noting that most of the communities are failing to fill the forms correctly especially on details of a child.

Briefing 13 tradition authorities of Mangochi district and Nice volunteers on the registration exercise, child protection officer for Unicef Alexander Mwale said the development creates fear that many children will not get birth certificates.

“Birth certificates are vital as they will enable government to know child population which can help to make good planning of activities for children in Malawi,” said Mwale.

Commenting Sultan Chowe of Mangochi district recommended organisations to be serious and timely when conducting sensitization meetings.

“The briefing was supposed to be conducted 6 days before commencement of mass registration for the communities to have enough knowledge about National Registration form,” sultan Chowe said.

He therefore said chiefs in Mangochi will continue mobilizing the masses to take part in large numbers for the exercise to achieve its target.

In his remarks civic education officer for Nice trust in Mangochi district Tena Banda said it is a plan of UNDP to conduct sensitization meeting once the exercise has started in a district.

Banda added the meeting is aimed at getting support from tradition leaders to make sure that only Malawians register in the exercise.

“The briefing is not very late because only five days have gone and many people are yet to register,” said Banda.

He therefore promised to conduct rallies in different areas to mobilise communities to take part in the exercise.

National registration exercise in Mangochi started last week and is expected to end on 23nd September 2017.

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