Vice president Dr Saulos has ordered Nangaunozye Company to complete the construction of a hostel and dining room at Machinga secondary school within two months and remove the employees who are residing in the classrooms in two weeks’ time

Speaking during the tour of the school Chilima said was disappointed with the delay to complete the construction of the infrastructures

The vice president said it was worrisome to see that boys and girls are sleeping in adjacent blocks which raise concerns that students may engage in bad behaviours

“Machinga secondary school was built to promote education standards in the district therefore government paid the contractor but it is unfortunate that the job is not yet done.” Chilima

It was also revealed that the contractor is failing to pay employees who are accommodating in some of the school blocks hence leading to scarcity of classrooms

Commenting on the matter deputy minister of education Madalitso Kambawuwa Wirima said the contractor has not lived up to his promise of completing the construction on a given time hence causing all that bad situation at the school

Wirima added that her ministry is working tirelessly with government to make sure that people in the country are accessing quality education