Voters against new Order on National ID’s

Eligible voters have expressed concern over the arrangement that those whose identity cards have problems should travel to national registration bureau NRB offices for corrections.

The concern comes as mass voter registration exercise starts on 9th July to 26th July in Dowa.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting on voter biometric registration exercise organized by national initiative for civic education NICE Trust governor of Democratic Progressive party in Dowa Abraham Jafali said poor people living in hard to reach areas will not manage to go to NRB offices.

“Many people in the district are very poor and live in hard to reach areas therefore cannot travel to such office due to lack of transportation costs,” Jafali said.

Responding Dowa district assistant registration officer for NRB Malla Zimba said corrections of the IDs is good for the voters.

Zimba said all is set for the voter registration exercise in the district hence encouraging the voters to have their IDs corrected.

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