WESNET condemns LWB on contaminated water.

WESNET condemns LWB on contaminated water.

Water and Environmental Sanitation Network WESNET has condemned the mixing up of water with sewage in Area 18 in Lilongwe city.

In a statement jointly signed by board Chairperson Kate Harwa and national coordinator Chrispin Bokho WESNET has expressed its shock over the unfortunate development due to breaking of sewage pipes under custodianship of Lilongwe city council.

WESNET understands that this has not only resulted in abuse of human rights but also raised suspicions on the safety of water supplied by water boards.

It has therefore made 8 recommendations to Lilongwe water board, Lilongwe city council and all relevant stakeholders.

“They include identifying an independent body to conduct water quality testing at household level, get root cause of the tragedy, announce strategies for effective liquid waste management and publish water quality testing results,” reads the statement.

In addition, WESNET has recommended provision of health services to the affected people, assess economic impact of the tragedy and compensate victims, prepare for any outbreak and review environment policy.

In belief that the tragedy is just a tip of the iceberg WESNET has come up with strategies that Lilongwe water board and city council need to undertake to avoid future occurrence of similar incidents.

“Replace all old pipes, develop effective toll free number, be responsive to consumer concerns, come up with mitigation measures and conduct periodic water testing an all areas,” the statement adds.

In conclusion WESNET has said it is a hard learnt lesson for all Malawians therefore board steps should be taken to make sure that is not repeated in future.

WESNET is mandated to lobby and advocate for improved WASH service delivery in Malawi.

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