Court orders discontinuance of state case against Manes Chitedze

The Lilongwe magistrates court has today ordered a discontinuance of a case in which government sued Manes Chitedze,a member of the United Transformation Movement UTM for insulting President Peter Mutharika.

Chitedze was arrested on 21 August 2018 and released on bail after spending a day in the police custody.

“Manesi, Winnie Chitedze Hale on various dates in the month of August 2018 and at various places within the Republic of Malawi, using your facebook account profile manice Abiti William Dawood, published some writings making reference to the president as being a liar, a thief and being demented,” read the charge sheet for her.

She was expected to appear before court on 26th September 2018 as indicated in the bail bond issued on 22nd August.

Her arrest provoked members of his political movement who clashed with the Police for pushing for her immediate.

Manice pleaded guilty on the offence leveled against her for her writing which was believed to have a reference to the state president.

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