Dowa Introduces new approach to prevent ghost workers

Dowa District Council’s Monitoring and Evaluation officer, Harrid Nkhoma has said implementation of Public Works Program in the district, has taken a new approach.

Speaking in an interview, Nkhoma said emphasis will be on soil and water conservation as well as afforestation among others.

“Implementation of Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) 1, 2 and 3 projects in the district exposed that some village heads were using ghost workers therefore they want transparency,”said Nkhoma.

He said the council will conduct a transparent recruitment exercise whereby all community members and village heads will be brought at one place.

Nkhoma added that people who will be registered, will work for 3 years for easy tracking.

The Council’s Director of Planning and Development, Emmanuel Bulukutu, appealed to councilors, chiefs and MPs in the district to be present during the implementation of projects in their areas.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Msakambewa, asked the council to work professionally.

On his part, Dowa District Council’s Vice Chair, Councilor Cerphus Kafumbula, asked MPs and councilors to pay attention during the recruitment of beneficiaries of MASAF 1V to avoid ghost workers.

MASAF 1V will be implemented in Dowa district with funds from International Development Agency(IDA) at a minimum wage of Mk 600 per day for 24 days in 3 cycles.

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