Nayuchi police refuse to provide security

Radio Islam has established that police at Nayuchi border post have stopped providing security.

Speaking to radio Islam some residents expressed worry over lack of security because police at Nayuchi boarder have stopped executing their duties.

According to the source who spoke to radio Islam on condition of anonymity, the issue came out yesterday morning around 6 am when a train belonging to Central East African Railways Company hit a person in the area.

The source said “when people reported the matter to Nayuchi police; they refused to visit the scene claiming the train is escorted and guarded by police from Liwonde.”

According to the source, the police at Nayuchi are not happy because they are sidelined in the work of escorting and guarding the train which passes through the area to and from Mozambique.

“In addition Nayuchi police have released from cells all people suspected to have committed different crimes,” complained the source.

He argued that this has negatively affected security of the area as it is sharing boarders with Mozambique.

When this radio wanted to find out from the police, officer in charge for Machinga police senior assistant commissioner Issac Maluwa refuted the matter claiming it did not come to his attention.

“Nobody has complained but it is true that Nayuchi police station has few police officers as compared to the number of people who need security services,” said Maluwa.

He confirmed death of the person hit by the train whose identity is not known.

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