Economic expert urges DPP to be tolerant

Economic expert urges DPP to be tolerant

One of the country’s economic experts has urged the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government to take into account the views of all Malawians in order to avoid the repeat of the past mistakes.

Former Reserve Bank Governor, Victor Mbewe, said this to Radio Islam when he was commenting on whether the coming back of DPP administration is going to transform the country’s economy.

DPP has been voted back into power after a two-year break following the death of former president Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika.

During the death of Late Mutharika, the country’s economy was almost at verge of collapse.

However, commenting on the development, Mbewe said he believes that DPP is ready to transform the economy as the state president clearly indicated that he will solicit views from other well wishers.

Mbewe further said among others the DPP government should also mend its international relationship and put policies that will enhance the development of indigenous businesses.

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