Govt expresses gratitude to its partners in HIV battle.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health DR Charles Mwansambo said this in Lilongwe during a celebration to mark 11 years of existence of Bridge 2 project.

Bridge 2 project which is funded by USAID through PEPFAR has been instrumental in the involvement of communities and people in passing out messages that promote them to make right choices in this era of HIV/AIDS.

Mwansambo said “such interventions have helped a lot in the reduction of new HIV infections as Malawians are making informed choices.”

Bridge 2 project is among others involved in the production of radio diaries such as cheni cheni nchiti, which exclusively discusses HIV by involving the masses.

According to deputy project director for Bridge 2 Triza Hara it has been proved that communities can take part in the reduction of HIV spread.

As the project ends Bridge two has developed a website based toolkit which can be used for other partners to access information.

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