Karonga DC demands quarterly reports from NGO’s

Karonga district commissioner has commanded all nongovernmental organizations NGO’s operating in the district to start reporting their financial resources and transactions to her office because they are not transparent.

According to Rosemary Moyo most of the NGO’s are only blaming government officials that they are abusing public resources while they themselves are failing to be exemplary.

“My office and the community are not aware of whether the organizations are using their funds accordingly, therefore from
next month all NGO’s that are operating in the district should report quarterly their financial resources and transactions.”

The Karonga district commissioner said her office will deal with all organizations that are failing to follow the order.

Meanwhile, paramount Chief Kyungu has asked the NGO’s to start implementing their projects in remote areas.

“Most of the NGO’s operate in urban areas leaving the rural community suffering.”

Speaking on behalf of other NGO’s the district civic education Officer for National Initiative for Civic Education Christobel Shawa promised to follow what the district commissioner and paramount chief have said.

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