Concerned citizens have petitioned American and British governments to impose travel bans to president Chakwera and his cabinet members in order to safeguard tax payers’ money.

Presenting three petitions to Britain, America and Chakwera at Mulanje district commissioner’s office, leader of the demonstrators Boni Kalindo said are addressing donor community who are eager and quick in picking as well as responding to issues that concern human beings

The concerned citizens requested donor community and money lending international institutions for immediate aid suspension and loan cancellation for Chakwera’s administration

The demonstrators suggest that channeling the aid through 21 NGO’s would help to uplift livelihoods of vulnerable Malawians

They implore British and American embassies to channel some aid to genuine civil society organizations to enhance issues of surveillance in governance, human rights and social safety nets.

The concerned citizens request Chakwera’s immediate resignation since he is incapacitated with corruption issues that have engulfed his administration

Finally they request international human rights organizations to ensure safety of 13 human rights activists.