Malawi’s Ruling Party Campaign Director Resigns Over Regional Governor Attack on Muslims

Wellington Mangulenje has resigned as DPP’s campaign director in Mangochi after DPP’s eastern region governor Julius Paipi insulted Muslims.

At a political rally in Makanjira Paipi said electing Muslims into power in 2019 polls is like voting for war in the country.

Mangulenje who is in the Netherlands has confirmed the resignation to Radio Islam.

“What Pipe did is contrary to the wish of the late professor Bingu Wa Mutharika who preached about Unity and togetherness regardless of religious, tribal, regional and political affiliations,” Mangulenje said

He said was very shocked by the discriminatory statements from trusted leaders.
Mangulenje said as a true young Liberal Democrat he believes that such divisive statements have no room in modern politics and Malawi.

“As a Muslim, born and raised in an Islamic way i believe in co-existence. I also believe that permanent values in social life and thoughts cannot be created by people or leaders who are in different or hostile to the aspirations,” explained Mangulenje.

He has emphasized that his decision has no grudge with anyone in the party.

Mangulenje has advised pipe to believe in unity and loyalty for DPP to succeed in 2019 tripartite elections in the eastern region.

“Therefore I call upon DPP leadership to find a solution to this problem of attacking other people,” Mangulenje added.

However, Paipi denied attacking Muslims during a campaign rally in Makanjira Mangochi.

He said cannot make such remarks because he was born in Mangochi, raised in an Islamic environment and people in the district are peace makers.

“I challenge people to provide me with the audio as a proof to the allegation,” stressed Paipi

When asked on the matter TA Makanjira said he did not attend the rally.

According to one of the group village headmen Pipe didn’t attack Muslims.

“The constituency governor Mr Matemba is the one who attacked Muslims during the rally,” said the chief.

Meanwhile, activists have condemned Paipi’s remarks saying they can divide the country.

They said that Bakili Muluxi and Cassim Chilumpha ruled the country but nothing of such happened hence asking Paipi to withdraw his statement.

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