Malawian Muslims Participate at World Muslim Minorities conference

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) has advised Muslims in the country to strive to understand their religion to be able to articulate better issues regarding Islam.

National Chairman of MAM, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, said this soon after arriving from a week-long World Muslim Minorities conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sheikh Muhammad said during the conference delegates were able to discuss challenges Muslims are facing in their countries.

“Through the conference it was realized that Muslims in countries where they are in minorities are facing the same social economic challenges,” Sheikh Muhammad said.

He also said there is need for Muslims to learn more about the religion in order to overcome such challenges.

“I managed to establish the relationship with other international Islamic organizations which have already shown interest to work in Malawi,” he added.

The conference was organized by Turkish main Islamic body called Diyanet under the theme, ‘Fundamental Problems Proposed Solutions and Cooperation Opportunities.’

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