Malawi’s Ruling Party Disassociates Itself with Its Governor’s Attack on Muslims

Democratic Progressive Party DPP has disassociated itself from the discriminatory remarks made by its eastern region governor Julius Paipi that Muslims are violent.

This is according to a letter made available to Radio Islam signed by DDP spokesperson Francis Kasaila.

Kasaila said the party appreciates the co-existence that is there among people of different beliefs in the country hence criticizing the remarks.

“I assured the Muslim community of DPP’s respect towards their values and beliefs,” Kasaira said

Therefore he promised to take serious disciplinary actions on the accused if investigations reveal that he indeed made the remarks.

During a rally at Makanjira in Mangochi Paipi said electing a Muslim is like voting for war in a country, the remarks which have been criticized by many.

This prompted the DPP campaign director in Mangochi Wellington Mangulenje who is also a Muslim to step down saying he could not work with people who are not willing to co-exist with people of other beliefs.

Activists and Muslims have since asked Paipi to withdraw his statement and apologise.

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