Malawi’s ruling party holds convention

Former Minister of Agriculture in Malawi Dr George Chaponda has withdrawn from contesting as vice president of Democratic progressive party DPP in the southern region at the convention in Blantyre.

Chaponda who was the vice president of DPP in the region was to compete with three Ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa, Henry Mussa and Joseph Mwanamveka.

Chaponda said he withdrew because it was not good for two people from one district to compete on one position hence allowing others to lead for the benefit of DPP.

“I thought it wise that Kondwani Nankhumwa is also from Mulanje therefore two people from one district competing on one positions is not ok,” Chaponda said

In the morning delegates elected unopposed President Professor Peter Mutharika, vice president for the northern region Goodall Gondwe and eastern region Bright Msaka.

Mutharika called on contestants at DPP convention to remain in the party if they lose.

“Competitors who will not win should not destroy DPP,” warned Mutharika.

Mutharika called upon Malawians to register in order to vote in 2019 tripartite elections.

He said DPP has improved economy of the country in two years.

Meanwhile, the party has new constitution for 5 years.

Chairperson of the convention Nicholus Dausi said 90 million kwacha has been spent to hold the event.

Commenting, Chancellor College lecturer has urged political parties in the country to follow democratic principles to avoid violence during elections.

Dr Mustafa Hussein said “the competition in vice president positions in southern and central regions show maturity of democracy in Malawi.”

Meanwhile, he has requested civil society organizations CSO’s to follow right channels when presenting their complaints to president.

Dr Hussein made the request after CSO’s gave president professor Peter Mutharika 14 days to resign.

He said the CSO’s were supposed to inform the general public or parliament on the matter.

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