Mangochi Orders NGO’s to Seek Consent

Mangochi Orders NGO’s to Seek Consent

Mangochi District Council has urged local and international non-governmental organisations to consult its secretariat before embarking on different projects to avoid duplication and ensure smooth implementation.

The appeal was made by Mangochi District Council chairperson, Omar Magombo after a presentation on relief food distribution by Red Cross, Concern Worldwide and Emmanuel International in the district.

Magombo said the council appreciates the support government gives to people in the district and NGOs as they sensitise the council on the criteria of selecting beneficiaries to avoid creating confusion.

“Councillors would hold area development committee meetings to inform their people on the new criteria of selecting beneficiaries which organisations will use in the distribution of relief food,” promised Magombo.

Mangochi District Commissioner, James Manyetera said partners had indicated that they do not have a budget to hold full council meeting to explain details of the criteria.

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