MHRRC tells Councillors to take tap waters to wards

Director of Malawi Human Rights Resource Center MHRRC Mrs. Emma Kaliya, has challenged councilors to bring tap water in their areas .

Speaking at a meeting with chairperson of Dowa District Councils service committee and the District executive committee members Mrs.

“Time had come for women to stop using boreholes because Malawian women are tired of drawing water from boreholes and wells,” said Kaliya.

Kaliya who is also Gender Coordination Network chairperson, said people voted for councilors with the hope for a change.

She accused some councilors who have been trying to resolve problems in their wards by transferring District Commissioners.

“The best way to resolve them is by discussing the district commissioners because the transfers are derailing government programs,” said Kaliya.

She blamed the councilors for failing to initiate development projects in their areas as the expiry of their 5 year tenure of office approaches.

Responding to Kaliya’s sentiments Chiwere East Ward councilor, Mr Cheukani Madeya, said councilors are regarded as voiceless people in the implementation of Local Development Funds allocations.

Dowa District Council’s Director of Planning and Development, Mr. Emmanuel Bulukutu, assured MHRRC that the council is committed to work with the organization in the governance and accountability project it is implementing in the district as it is transforming lives of people in rural areas.

“The council will keep on engaging NGOs implementing various programs in the district in order to equip Village and Area Development Committees with knowledge on their roles and responsibilities,” concluded Bulukutu.

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