Muslims observe Eid-Ul-Adhuha prayers

Muslims in the country have been asked to sustain peace and unity when cerebrating Eid ul adha.

President of Nikah and other Islamic functions (NIFA) Armani kunje said this soon after Eid al Adha prayer at upper stadium in Blantyre.

Kunje’s remarks come against the background that Muslims in the country have been praying prayer on different days due to misunderstandings regarding citing of the moon.

However, this year that controversy has not occurred.

“I advise Muslims to follow Islamic principles when carrying out their activities,” Kunje advised.

She said Muslims should slaughter recommended domestic animals during this Eid Al dha.

Some of the Muslims who observed Eid Al Adha prayer at upper stadium said are happy that this year all Muslims have prayed the same day.

“This development shows that Muslims have been united,” said the Muslims.

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