Office of Ombudsman has found that the recruitment of deputy chief executive officer CEO of National Oil Company of Malawi NOCMA Helen Buluma was unlawful, unprodecural and irregular

Releasing the investigative report Ombudsman Grace Malera said presidential appointment of Buluma to a post which did not exist at NOCMA constitutes maladministration

Malera therefore said NOCMA board should immediately terminate gratuity benefits of Buluma

She then ordered government to submit within 30 days to Ombudsman the program of its actions on the matter

On analysis of evidence inline with applicable laws, Malera says they had to go through the constitution, Public Service act, Companies act, Security policy of NOCMA and Ombudsman act in the determination.
Malera says it is clear that Buluma was hired without interviews as there was no advertisement for the position.
Malera adds that laws were flouted as former President Peter Mutharika was not supposed to make a directive to appoint Deputy Chief Executive Officer as the Board of Directors of NOCMA is the one entitled to do so making the appointment unlawful.
She adds that there was no competition as required for the position which clearly tells laws were not followed.
The Ombudsman says the board of NOCMA is supposed to widely advertise the position in media outlets, a thing which did not happened which means the appointment of Helen Buluma was unprocedural.