Parliament calls for utilization of funds on crucial issues

As Malawi’s health sector is facing a lot of challenges due to inadequate funding, parliamentary committee on HIV AIDS and nutrition has urged stakeholders to utilise available funds on critical issues.

The call was made by its chairperson Esther Jolobala when the committee visited different institutions dealing in HIV AIDS and nutrition in Xomba.

According to Jolobala during the visit the committee found that Xomba Central hopsital is providing in adequate meals hence affecting nutrition.

“It is proper to consider using available funds in improving welfare of patients as the problem of inadequate money is everlasting,” said Jolobala.

In his statement campaign officer for Civil Society Organisation for Nutrition Alliance CSONA Joseph Gausi said malnutrition remains a problem in Malawi.

“Patients will continue suffering from malnutrition because of unavailability of food components which result from insufficient funding,”Gausi said.

Representing Xomba Platform for Nutrition Alliance Munira Abdulla said they have various initiatives aimed at improving nutrition in the district.

“We provide food stuffs like meat and rice to 150 patients at Xomba central hospital every week and civic education to beneficiaries on vegetable gardens using local organic resources,” explained Munila.

Parliamentary committee organised the visit to appreciate challenges organisations dealing in HIV AIDS and nutrition are facing in Xomba.

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