Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi Calls on Muslim Women to Promote Islam

Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi Lilongwe Chapter has called on Muslim Women in Lilongwe to work together in the activities designed to promote Islam.

Board of Trustees of the chapter Sheikh Gwedeza Mabotolo made the call during a fundraising show which Qadria Women organized in the district.

Mabotolo said Muslim Women play a very crucial role in disseminating Islamic information therefore they must be empowered economically to carry out their activities effectively.

“Muslim Women must be united and strong so that they should be exemplary to other people,” Mabotolo said.

He encouraged Muslim women who do not like taking part in various groups to start participating in order to demonstrate their commitment in acquiring Islamic knowledge.

In her remarks, Qadria women Lilongwe chair lady sister Khadija Hassan said they decided to organize the fundraising with the aim of sourcing money to help needy people in hospitals soon after the month of Ramadhan.

“As an organisation we do alot of charitable activities such as visiting the sick and the old as part of Ibadah,” Khadija said

She expressed worry that they have failed to meet the required hence calling upon well wishers to help them.

“We’re in need of resources to run our activities smoothly,” said Khadija

One of the artists Adam Tiyesi, encouraged fellow artists to contribute the little they have because it helps to build a strong partnership among Muslims in the country.

Aisha Yusuf, a Participant at the function said what these women do helps to change the lives of young girls since they learn a lot in such gatherings.

Meanwhile, the Trustee donated K30,000 to the women as part of the contribution.

Qadria women are still doing the fundraising in other parts of the district so that they may find enough money.

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