Radio Islam listeners Association donates iftar to Muslims in Mangochi.

Radio Islam listeners Association has donated iftar items to 80 households at Samama and Malombe in Mangochi district.

Vice president for the Association Davie Daudi Mpalume said the initiative was held as Islam encourages Muslims to conduct more charitable activities during Ramadhan.

He said 30 Muslims around Samama masjid in tradition authority Mponda have benefited from the donation.

“The association runs its welfare activities using monthly contributions of the members as they don’t have any donor,” Mpalume said.

Meanwhile, Malombe Radio Islam listeners zone has reach out to 50 Muslim families in Malombe and Matunga villages in tradition authority Chowe in Mangochi district.

Chairperson for Malombe zone sheikh Haneef Kaisi said “we assist the needy as one way of promoting the spirit of sharing among people.”

Sheikh Kaisi asked Muslims to continue abiding by Islamic principles after this holy month of Ramadhan.

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