This year’s Ramadhan Convention cancelled

This year’s Ramadhan Convention cancelled

As Ramadhan draws closer, organisers of the Ramadhan Convention, an annual Ramadhan event have said the convention will not take place this year.

In an interview with Radio Islam in Lilongwe, Chairman for the Ramadhan Convention Organising Committee, Alex Adam said failure to implement some of the resolutions raised during last year’s conference as the reason for the cancellation of the convention.

Adam said there has been lack of cooperation from other stakeholders in terms of implementation of the resolution as such it was improper to hold another convention.

He added that the committee which is a composition of several Muslim individuals will this year focus its energies in the implementation of resolutions from past convention.

Started in 2012 the Ramadhan convention pulls together Muslims from several organisations and individuals to discuss issues affecting Muslims in the country. However, there has been staggering progress in the implementation of resolution raised in these conventions as Adam explains in this interview.

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