Parliament in progress

People’s party PP has advised Democratic Progressive Party led government to stop pointing fingers at the previous regime.

Acting President of PP Uladi Mussa said this in reaction to accusations which Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda has been making in parliament.

Chaponda has been saying that PP is responsible for several problems affecting the country.

However, Mussa said government must concentrate on resolving the challenges.

“DPP is to blame for failing to implement the promises it made in its manifesto,” said Mussa.

Political activist in the country Political analyst Phillip Kamangira says there is need for government to come out clear on the many problems affecting the nation as parliament is meeting.

“Legislators should push government to explain matters surrounding the alleged 236 billion kwacha Cashgate report, and how continuous power outages and many other problems in the country are going to be addressed,” explained Kalimanjira.

The remarks come a few days after president Arthur Peter Mutharika addressed the nation.

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